A downloadable game

A tiny Flappy Bird implementation squished onto a 64 LED display, powered by Arduino.

Published Feb 17, 2014
AuthorDaniel Ratcliffe
Tagsarduino, Flappy Bird

Install instructions

The Arduino Sketch requires an Arduino device (I used an Arduino Leonardo) and the Arduino IDE from http://arduino.cc/, and knowledge of how to wire up an LED matrix and a push button; there are several guides online. Once you've wired up the circuit, you can customise the pin numbers used by the sketch at the top of the source code.

Components required:
1x Arduino Leonardo
1x 8 by 8 LED Matrix
8x 10k Resistor (one for each cathode of the LED Matrix)
1x Push Button
1x 200R Resistor (pull down, for the push button)
Breadboard and wires


FlappyBit.ino 4 kB