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Cool game! Was this really made with sdl? How did you get 3d graphics (opengl?). Did you make your own renderer? Was it hard to use opengl/make your own renderer?

Came here from Computer Craft. This is a great game.


Ahoy! Just bought the game on steam a few days ago and wanted to give some feedback, so please forgive me if this is not the right place for that. The game is really amazing, the constraints on the robot arcade games are awesome and the puzzles themselves are great too, but something that bothers me is actually a graphical thing, a little nitpick of mine, the small asteroids around each level don't actually match the aesthetics from the main level asteroid pieces, as they seem to use soft shading instead of flat shading, aside from that the game is great! :)

Hi Daniel, just bought the game and I'm having great fun with it!

Or rather... I was having great fun until I reached the "Infinite Loop" level. After struggling with it for more than one hour I gave up and looked up for a solution online. And to my surprise, I saw that in all the solutions I found, you're given 6 cones in said level, whereas in the Linux build here on I'm only getting 4.

Could it be that the builds available here are outdated or bugged? If so, could you please update them?


Heya, glad you're enjoying the game!

I just had a look at the game files on here for Linux, and the level "Infinite Loop" is set to grant you 6 cones as it should. Had you maybe placed 2 cones already? Try launching the level again and see :)


What the heck?!? I've just fired up the game and you're right, 6 cones it is.

My mind must be playing tricks on me, as I'd swear I only had 4 yesterday. Oh well, thanks for the reply and sorry for bothering you over nothing. :S

I remember seeing something like this years ago! cool! :P

Yeah, I posted the Alpha here on Itch. The game has grown a lot in the 2 years since!