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Hi man, just to tell you this is a good game. I have a ton of games in my computer and I feel already bored within the first 5 min playing them. But yours always has playing a 3 min match almost daily.


just found this game and its a blast, would love to see the game improved more and would love it see it on steam with multiplayer.

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This is just, great. 

Multiple things, love the artstyle, if you come back to it, please reuse it. Tank AI was fun as was taking their guns. I can only wish you do a Ms.Pac-Man to this Pac-Man and add more levels in the future! 

EDIT: More feedback, ah, I kind of wish the guns had less bullets and more damage. That way you didn't have to unload multiple clips. Maybe a way to see what damage you did too? Grenades in this regard and takedowns are way better. 

Lean button! That way you don't get surprised too soon and get bodied at the last second.

Very nice! Too bad there are no sounds!


Thanks! My only regret of the Jam is not allocating any time to add sound and music, which is something I plan to rectify in the next build.
For now, I recommend either the Metal Gear Solid or Wolfenstein 3D soundtrack!

This game is very fun!

The one complaint I have is the 'crouch' button (ctrl) is really awkward to press for long periods of time, so it would be good to be able to change the key bindings

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

There's no rebindable controls in-game at the moment but: you can rebind your controls in the settings file! Just open the file
%AppData%\Tank Commando 3D\settings.txt in the text editor of your choice, and scroll down to Input.Mappings. Listed under there you should find Crouch bound to "Keyboard.LeftCtrl". To change the binding, change this string to something else, like "Keyboard.C", then save and reload the game.

Awesome, thanks so much!

Really fun game! made me feel like a real commando playing this :D